Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Multi-platform VNC based automated testing

Following the automated software testing theme I've just run across Eggplant an automated testing package which uses VNC to remotely control and watch a computer system under test. This allows it to work across a range of platforms. It can even record movies of the test taking place for later review.

For those unfamiliar with VNC, it is a cross platform solution to controlling and viewing the screen of another computer across a network connection.

There are two issues. Firstly, they don't give any pricing away on their web site, so it could be ridiculously expensive, but that said they do claim it is "affordable", so there's a basis on which to beat them down! The other issue is that it only runs from a Mac OS X based system, so development teams without Macs may have to fork out an additional £500 to buy a testing machine. Given the price of some other testing packages, this may not matter much, and at least it won't required daily patching to render it virus free!

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