Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Is your mobile provider modifying your web pages? Instant test.

Prompted by an email earlier today I've produced a very simple web page that carries out a very simple test that checks whether one of the modifications to web pages has been carried out when the page is loaded.

If you access the page Inlining Test on your mobile device whilst connected through your mobile network (not through WiFi), you should see one of two messages:

  1. "No identified modification has happened to this page"; or
  2. "This page has been altered! It appears that the stylesheet on this page has been inlined by your network provider."

It would be really helpful to get some feedback on which providers, mobile devices and APNs are exhibiting issues and in which parts of the world. If you could leave a comment if you have a problem on a setup that hasn't already been listed then that would be great.

Please note that this test hasn't been extensively tested so I can't guarantee it will work on every mobile browser. Feel free to let me know if you spot a gaff!

For those interested to know the page contains a simple JavaScript that checks to see that the stylesheet link on the page is still there once the page has completed loading. If it isn't there (most likely because of the Bytemobile filter inlining the JavaScript) it displays the message to say that. This page also has Google analytics on it so that I can get a feel for how many times people are using it.


Stuart Roebuck said...

Apologies, the link to the online test was wrong and has now been fixed.

Karl Livesey said...

On my HTC desire the page doesn't even show Vodafone

Anonymous said...

Test showed that page was modified. HTC Desire/Vodafone (Germany).

Andreas Sikkema said...

T-Mobile in the Netherlands asked me for my preference when I started to use my iPhone about 2 years ago. I declined to use the "compression/speedup" and so the test syas the page was not modified when I tried it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting.. just tested on GiffGaff (who use O2s network) and it said data was not modified...

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