Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Operators modifying mobile data content (a table)

Following my request for people to test their own mobile provider, here is an up-to-date summary of responses so far. The number under "Modifies" or "Doesn't appear to" is the number of individual confirmations I've received. I won't update this after I've received 4 consistent responses.

Please note that "modifies" means that the simple javascript test appears to show that the provider is inlining CSS style sheets. The "Doesn't appear to" means that the test didn't detect CSS inlining, but doesn't exclude the possibility that the operator is still modifying content in a different way.

CountryOperatorModifiesDoesn't appear to
Australia Optus -1
Canada Fido -1
Germany Vodafone 2-
Netherlands T-Mobile ** (Note 1)
UK O2 4-
UK Orange -1
UK T-Mobile 2-
UK Three -2
UK Vodafone -1
USA Speakeasy -1
  1. T-Mobile in the Netherlands apparently gives users a choice when they subscribe to the service.

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Vodafone germany modify Test positive via 3g

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